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King TitleLLC is Attorney owned and operated offering confidence and
peace of mind during your real estate transactions.

Attorney Mary King

King TitleLLC is your source for trustworthy real estate and closing services from an experienced professional attorney. We take care of the entire process so you can enjoy peace of mind ensuring your real estate transaction will go smoothly. more

Be Sure Before You Sign

Before you go under contract for a home, do you know its title history? You need to make sure that the title is clear for sale before you sign anything. Without having researched if the title is clear, you could be falling into a bad situation. more

Protect Your Investments

At King Title, we’re proud to offer title insurance services to our clients at competitive rates, helping provide them with peace of mind and the ability to start the property buying process with confidence. more

Close With Confidence

Gain Peace Of Mind

Are you ready for the real estate closing process? It can involve a lot of different factors, and being sure that you have everything ready to go is a must. Our team can make sure that the closing process moves smoothly, handling everything from key delivery to contract validation to transfer of funds. This ensures that when the time comes to close, it actually happens as it should.

Attorney backed
Real Estate Closing

Title Insurance Protects Against:

Title Insurance Protect Your Title
  • Forgery and impersonation
  • Lack of competency, capacity or legal authority
  • Deed not joined in by a necessary party
  • Undisclosed prior mortgage or lien
  • Undisclosed easement or use restriction
  • Erroneous or inadequate legal descriptions

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