At King Title, we take pride in providing our clients with every settlement service needed to complete the process of selling or buying property. No matter the property, whether residential or commercial, we know that a lot of different factors can go into the real estate transaction, and we believe in helping you ensure that you’re choosing the right property with a legitimate title as well as making sure that the closing process moves smoothly.

Our team specializes in making sure that each step of buying real estate is as painless to you as it possibly can be. Our team can start by handling title research, ensuring you’re buying a property that is clean and cleared for sale. When you consider the big impact that the housing crisis had on our area and the huge number of foreclosures and short sales that came about because of it, completing a thorough title search is one of the most important steps you can take. It’s also not always easy, which is why allowing our team to handle it for you is vital – we provide the full title search to take the stress off of your shoulders.

We can also issue title insurance to both buyers and lenders, providing full confidence in the process and making certain that title is fully insured before the rest of the process moves forwards.

The process of transferring funds between lender and buyer or buyer and seller is something that takes special time and attention, and it’s something that our team can handle as well. We can set up arrangements for receipt of deposits or for fund transfers and then oversee the signing of the loan document package to make certain that everything moves smoothly and is handled properly.

Our team can even help with recording the deed, disbursement of monies, and even delivering the keys. From start to finish of the process, we believe in being there to make sure that you get the kind of real estate transaction that everyone deserves – one that’s free from hassle, low in stress, and that moves quickly towards the closing. And of course, when closing time comes, our team will be there to make sure it occurs properly as well.

King TitleLLC is also owned by an attorney. This means that you can be confident that your real estate transaction is being handled by someone who has decades of experience and that it will be taken care of exactly as it should be. If you’re about to start the process of buying a new piece of property, you deserve to have the best team helping you through it. That’s why we’re here.

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