The title lies at the heart of any real estate transaction, and it’s important that you are able to purchase your property with confidence. That’s the main reason that at King Title, we take our title research service so seriously – it’s the foundation of making sure that you’re protected and that you can move to closing with as little stress as possible. While we offer a full range of closing services, it all starts with good, effective title research.

What It Does

Title research is focused on making sure that there are no discrepancies or problems that could exist on a property title. This includes things like:

  • Easements and usage restrictions on the property
  • Ownership discrepancies
  • Existing, undisclosed liens
  • Tax issues
  • And more

In short, during our title research process we take the time to review the title completely, ensuring that there are no problems with the ownership or with usage that could make it harder for you to close on the deal or to use the property as you originally intended. While our title insurance can help cover potential costs caused by these issues, avoiding them outright by knowing everything you can about the title before you sign is the key to making sure that you don’t have to deal with these stresses at all.

Why It Matters

Our title research service is one of the most important steps you can take during the early phases of the real estate transaction for several reasons:
It helps you avoid signing a contract on a property that could create more hassle than you intended.

It helps you avoid becoming responsible for other costs such as fines or fees that may be associated with the property.

It helps you reduce your stress levels and makes sure that the buying process moves more smoothly, with fewer potential hiccups along the way.

It allows buyers to enter a contract with confidence and know that they’re getting exactly what they intended.

The bottom line is that our title research service makes the entire real estate buying process easier, and protects buyers as well as lenders along the way. No matter what type of property you’re buying or what you’re planning on doing with it, making sure that you have a good title research team reviewing the title first is a must. Contact us today to get the best title research possible at a competitive rate, and make sure you can buy your property with confidence.